We want you to do your full certification with us! however, we can understand avoiding the cold.

What is a "Dive Referral? 

A Diver who wants to complete all Pool and Academic work locally and finish elsewhere may be a referral diver.   

Students who choose this option will complete the two academic sessions and 2-3 pool sessions in order to refer out to another dive shop.

Example: Diver wishes to go to Mexico in two weeks, can't do the ocean sessions but want's to dive with friends. 


Scheduling: Reserved for emergencies or quick needs we offer classes by student appointment. In the majority of cases, we plan a 7-day completion goal. Please call us for more details 



Tuition: $405.00

Books:   $ 90.00

Rentals: $ 125.00 -- includes Mask, Fins, Gloves, Boots, Snorkle & all gear required for your referral.

Total: $620.00


Fun Facts!

You get a $125.00 Credit to use when you return from your trip as a certified diver to purchase your personal equipment. We hope this incentivizes you to join our diving community. 



San Francisco CA
 Tel: 925-518-5405​
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