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A Summary of the Cost of a SCUBA Course in the Bay Area

A genuine summary of cost to take a SCUBA Diving Course with SBA or in the Bay Area overall

-Data pulled from open source webpages from all dives shops in the area- 

  • Tuition: $340.00 - $699.00  

  • Book's and Materials: $140.00 - $370.00

  • Personal Gear: $210.00 - $550.00

  • Cert Fee:$44.00 (your certification)


To Review Scuba Bay Area Cost Please Click on the class under "Book SCUBA Class" The averages on this page are summary costs. Cost change depending on the class, however the most common question is the cost related to Open Water Scuba Class, we tell every student anticipate an amount of $1,600.00 


Total cost for a "referral Diver"  

This means you're not going to Ocean with the dive shop and

"referring out" to a place that's warmer.


If you are going to the Ocean with the Dive Shop, keep reading!

  • Rentals: $110 - $170

  • CheckOut Fees: $100 - $150

  • Lodging Considerations: $200-$400

  • Meals Considerations: $75-$150

  • Vehicle Miles: $45

  • Parking $24 (assumed Monterey CA) 


Giving you a median average cost ​of $1600 per student to learn how to Scuba Dive in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area


Scuba Bay Area Cost Total per Student $1646.00~ 

Scuba Bay Area Total Cost per Couple $1305.00~ 

If you would like SBA's cost breakdown:

Summary of class PDF


Your Experience diving in San Francisco & the Bay Area 

This undertaking, when it comes to first-time open water Scuba Diving students, is going to cost you around $1,600.00 regardless of how you execute it or whom you learn with. Scuba Bay Area loves all dive shops! however, we note the trend in low tuition but high rates or not be as transparent in the pricing. We also want to recognize owning a Scuba Diving shop in San Francisco or the Bay Area, in general, is very expensive to operate. Learning in San Francisco and traveling to Monterey California adds up in cost due to the cold water and operations cost in the Bay Area. Also, PADI or SSI shops can differ in cost but not more than 15% on average. The advice of Scuba Bay Area is to read reviews and have discussions while realizing when you add in your hotel, meals, and all one needs you will average around $1,300.00


Additional Fine Print when it comes to Scuba Bay Area 

Scuba Bay Area LLC and Bamboo Reef have a partnership for rental and pool use. We will require you to buy your own personal gear. This is your mask, fins, gloves, boots, and snorkel. Bamboo Reef sells nice packages ranging from $175.00 - $800.00 depending on what you want to spend in consideration of quality. You are not required to buy this gear from Bamboo Reef, you are required to have it. You may barrow or go online. The risk of buying online, you're unable to return the items after use in the event something does not fit you correctly. You should also consider the price of hotels if you're going to the Ocean. The average cost for hotels ranges from $85 - $300 per night.​

Refund Policy

We will always talk to you about a refund, but when the class starts the primary issue is you’re taking up a spot that would have otherwise been filled. 

We use this formula for refunds; 

From Class Start Date 

0 – 5 Days - $150.00 returned 

6 – 20Days - $300.00 returned 

21+ Days - We will provide a full refund; we feel we can fill the spot in that amount of time. 

If we add a 5th student to the class, we will give $50.00 back to each student. 5th student is only added per group decision.

Why become a Certified Diver with Scuba Bay Area and PADI 

Most of why you should learn with Scuba Bay Area in San Francisco is in the reviews. However, we boiled it down to this list -

  • Being PADI Certified - Scuba Bay Area chooses PADI because it's recognized around the globe. 

  • Small Classes - We limit classes to four students only which makes a massive difference when it comes to teaching quality

  • Same staff throughout the course -  From start to finish, you will have the same instructor who gets to know you personally and professionally. We found in doing this issues or concerns students may have are addressed proactively. 

  • Exclusivity - Divers that dive with Scuba Bay Area (The Bay Area School of Diving) Get invited to dinner once a year and get the best discounts in the Bay Area on follow-on classes. That being Advanced Scuba Diver, Nitrox Diver, Deep Diver, Dive Master, and so on. 

  • Additional Time and Additional Diving- Students who struggle in the pool (confined water) are put into the next class for free or get one on one instruction for free. Conditions dependent, we often will do additional dives 

Read about us! We hope you join us for advanced or beginner courses



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